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People who are learning to deal with a long-term illness face many challenges. There is often uncertainty surrounding the illness itself and what the future might bring. People usually have to cope with a range of medication and side-effects. People might worry about the impact of their illness on family and friends. Long-term illness can cause people’s lifestyles to change quite dramatically. People may feel frustrated because they can no longer do the things which they used to do, including the ones that gave most enjoyment.

Long-term conditions can affect many areas of your life. These may include family relationships, your ability to work, your accommodation, your educational needs and your finances. You will not have to face your problems alone.


You may find that your role within your family changes. If you were the 'go to' person everyone else relied on, it may be hard to accept that you are the one who now needs support. At the other extreme, your family/carers may overestimate the amount of help you need, leading to unnecessary loss of independence. The way to combat this is for you and your family/carers to learn as much as possible about your condition. Getting your 'support network' involved in this process will help them recognise when you require help and when your independence should be respected.

If you would like more information about how therapy can help with the impact of a long term condition or to book an appointment with Keely, then please get in touch.

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